Fall Portrait Action Pack и Lightroom Preset Pack (BP4U)

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    Fall Portrait Action Pack и Lightroom Preset Pack (BP4U)



    В состав пакета Fall Action Pack входит:
    • Bold colors - An action that adds just the right amount of saturation and mid-tone adjustments to give your photo the perfect pop!
    • Perfect touch - This may be the only action you need! It gives just the right amount of pop you need!
    • Boho Vintage - This is bold, vibrant, and warm with a splash of vintage!
    • Warm and Bold - This is a very bold action that will warm up your photo. It can bring any photo back to life!
    • Summer - A matte action to make colors more vibrant with just the right amount of summer warmth!
    • Autumn - A great autumn tone that will make your photos more beautiful!
    • Brilliant Tones - This action gives amazing saturation without making skin tones too crazy!
    • Baby Blues - This is a blue booster with a little bit of haze!
    • Treasure Box - This action tones your photos with a little bit of crazy color to add some fun to your photos!
    • Matted Pop - This action brightens, adds haze, and lots of pop!
    • Bold and Beautiful - Lots of saturation without making skin tones crazy.
    • Soft and Pretty - A beautiful action that creates interesting tones, gorgeous color, and great contrast!
    • Sunset - A soft but warm action that will make colors pop!
    • Vibrant Haze - A boost of colors and a gorgeous haze!
    • Hazy Goodness - Another haze action that boosts colors, adds warmth, and adds the right amount of contrast.
    • Subtle Matte Tones - This is a very simple warming matte action that could be the perfect finishing touch to your photo!
    • Just a tone - This may have a simple name but it’s a super amazing tone that can really take your photos to the next level!
    • Lovely Tones - This action will boost and make the tones of your photos fun!
    • So very smooth skin! - A skin smoothing action to give flawless skin!
    • Skin tones - This action helps you fix skin tones. Having good skin tones is the staple to any photo!
    • Light It Up! - Just a little bump in exposure to brighten a dark photo.
    • Extra Contrast - Need more contrast quickly? This action is for you!
    • Extra Matte - Need more matte quickly? Then this is for you!
    • Vignette - Want a vignette? Look no further. Everyone loves a good vignette!
    • Finishing touches - A neutral tone to finish up any photo to perfection!
    • Defog - This is not a global sharpening, this action adds clarity by adding mid-tone sharpening. A great first step!
    • Flatten Image - A bonus shortcut to flattening layers!
    • Start over - A bonus action to revert photos to the way they were when you opened Photoshop!

    В состав пакета Fall Lightroom Preset Pack входит:
    • A bright bold - A bold action that gives your photo a bright, contrasted effect!
    • A small matte - A simple, small matte
    • A vignette - Just what the name implies…it’s a vignette! Every good set of presets has a nice vignette after all!
    • Amaze-Haze - A warm hazy preset!
    • Autumn Tone - A simple tone that is perfect for this lovely autumn weather!
    • Bonfire - A warm, matte, bold action perfect for a moody effect!
    • Bright boost - Is your photo underexposed? That is just what this preset will help correct!
    • Cider - A delicious preset perfect for almost every photo!
    • Cooler days - It’s a cool tone preset. It’s a little hazy, not so contrasty….perfect to tell a story about how fall has cooler weather days!
    • Corn Maze - This will bring out the greens in your photo and help make them pop!
    • Fall Breeze - This is a subtle preset with a strong vignette!
    • Fall Essence - This preset may be all you need! It has a just right effect to make your photos pop!
    • Foggy Morning - A hazy preset with a little color boost!
    • Happy - A very bold preset! It will bring dull photos to life and perfect for anything backlit!
    • Harvest - This tone and just the right amount of contrast will add visual interest to your photos everyone will love!
    • Heavy Matte - A strong matte which can be used to boost any presets that already have a matte in them, making that matte stronger!
    • Just right - The perfect one click done preset! Another great preset to use alone for a quick edit with amazing results!
    • Latte - It’s warm and matted. Need I say more? Anything warm and matted is always amazing!
    • Magic Matte - This matte has done it! It’s vibrant AND a matte!
    • Medium Matte - A medium matte preset to use with presets that don’t have a matte already in them.
    • Poppin - It is what it says it is. Its poppin!
    • Pumpkin Patch - Perfect for your outdoor shots! Even more amazing on your fall photos!
    • Scarecrow - It’s not scary at all! It’s a beautiful tone!
    • Spice - Oh yes it will add a lot of spice to your photos! Nice warm spice!
    • Super contrast - Need more contrast in your photo? Here it is!
    • Vivid - This will take the colors in your photo to the next level with a super boost effect!
    • Warm Melody - A warm tone perfect for most outdoor shots!

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